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Experts in NAV and distribution, right from the start, Lanham Associates provides business value to middle market distributors through best-of-breed supply chain solutions, available directly inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

In conjunction with our resellers, Lanham Services can be the perfect complement to your Lanham solutions by delivering merges and upgrades, implementations, support, training, custom work, EDI managed services and project work across all the Lanham supply chain solutions.

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What do New Year’s resolutions have in common with Demand Planning?  

Whether you see them through or toss them out the window at the first opportunity, New Year’s resolutions are often based on a behavior or situation from the past that you’d like to change in the future. In a similar vein, if you want your demand planning efforts to succeed, the first thing you need […]

How compatible are your shipping system and carrier?

In an earlier post, we explained how E-Ship’s involvement in the FedEx Compatible Program enables users to eliminate the costly complexity of running multiple systems, retraining employees on new programs and processes, and re-entering information. In this post, we will get a customer’s perspective on the FedEx Compatible Program. E-Ship Customer Spotlight: Jaipur Living  Based […]

7 questions to ask yourself when planning inventory for new items

Making inventory decisions on new items can be a major challenge for purchasing departments, given there’s no historical usage to refer to, and often buyers are pressured by salespeople or customers to start stocking a new item. To address this challenge, Jon Schreibfeder, President of Effective Inventory Management (EIM), discussed how to plan inventory for […]

Spotlight on: E-Ship and the FedEx Compatible Program

If you are using or considering using FedEx in your shipping operations, you’ll be happy to know that Lanham Associates’ E-Ship solution has been part of the FedEx Compatible Program since 1997. In order to maintain certification in this program, we dedicate a man-year, each year, to meet specific FedEx shipping requirements, go through rigorous reviews, and […]

Join us for our “What’s New?” webinar series

Join us for our “What’s New?” webinar series In between all the frenetic Fall tradeshows and our day-to-day, fast-paced software development activities, Lanham has been busy (as usual) updating, innovating and adding to its suite of supply chain solutions. We’ve put together a series of educational webinars this month and next to provide you with […]



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